• Joel Gittelsohn, Principal Investigator
  • Sarah Hinman, Study Coordinator


The Ration Evaluation Study is designed to understand the cultural acceptance of different emergency rations among the Baltimore public. We are working to develop a tool for the evaluation of rations, and we will evaluate the taste, packaging, and usefulness of various emergency rations.

Primary Aims

  • Which rations (ingredients, condiments, accessories) would be most accepted by the Baltimore public?
  • What foods in rations are most palatable and what needs to be improved upon; how can we make a better ration?
  • Is there enough variety in rations for long term (more than 1-2 days) consumption?
  • What additional components (e.g., antiseptic wipes, condiments, etc.) would be useful to have in rations given to communities in disaster situations?


The Healthy Food Systems projects aim to improve health and prevent obesity and disease in low-income communities through culturally appropriate educational, environmental and policy interventions that increase access to healthy foods and promote their purchase, preparation and consumption.
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